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What is Exclusive Gaming?

Exclusive Gaming is a website that I came up with the idea to make for many reasons. I got the name from simply thinking... The 'Exclusive' part in the name came from a lot of thought. It was only when I had finally realized that I didn't want to make just any ordinary website, but that I wanted to make a website that had some uniqueness to it. Something that many other websites don't really have now days, which is the combination of the different types of games that my website supports. Thus came the word 'Exclusive', because although all the content on my website isn't Exclusive, my website will always have at least some features and some uniqueness over other typical websites. The 'Gaming' part in the name came pretty easily. I wanted to make a website about games, and it sounded pretty good with Exclusive in front of it. So there you have it, you now know how i came up with the brilliant website name 'Exclusive Gaming'.


Well, I made this website for a lot of reasons. I'm a guy who spends a lot of time on the internet, and what I noticed was that there aren't many websites out there that care about both communicating with the public community AND giving their viewers the explicit content that they deserve; which is what pushed me to try and create my very own website. I created this website in hopes that many users will come here to connect & communicate with eachother, to show off their awesome screen shots, to gossip and to donate info on all types of games allowing others to come here if they need help or if they just want to see other guides/techniques to get around certain obstacles.


I officially created this website on Monday, September 19, 2011.


Overall, I have really big plans for my website. I have many goals that I want to achieve, some are just for my personal emotions and others are for the true gamers out there. If my goals are accomplished at any point in time while i'm still alive then that'll be Great! That will mean that I created a website where gamers like yourselves will always want to go to for tips, hints, guides and other game informing stuff! I can't accomplish these goals on my own, so I will definately need all of your help. Please help to make this website a top tier website for all gamers of our generation and maybe even the next! Help me make this website grow so that we can have a better, more connected gaming communtiy.

So there you have it, you now know the history behind Exclusive Gaming.
"Together to the Top"

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