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My Response: I have been playing Maplestory since July 20, 2007.

My Response: Great question, I play in the server Kradia of GMS. I've played in Kradia ever since I started Maplestory. Call me loyal if you will :P

My Response: I merch to the best of my ability. Merching is not as easy as it is for some as it might be for others, but this is because some people don't know the technique behind merchanting. To be a successful merchant you need to simply: 

1. know the prices of a wide variety of items (this will allow you to know when you find a good deal to buy it)
2. know how to bargain
3. be friendly
4. snoop around the fm and know your competition's prices so that you can give your customers a better deal

Keep these 4 key steps in mind and you should have no problem! And of course, don't forget what I like to call the 'Merchant's Motto'! Which is Buy low, Sell high!

I've achieved level 120+ on 9 different Characters and counting. Listed in order from highest to lowest would be:
-Level 177 NightL
-Level 134 BowM
-Level 132 DemonS
-Level 132 Bucc
-Level 131 IceL
-Level 127 Shad
-Level 124 Merc
-Level 121 Hero
-Level 120 WindA

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