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Main » 2011 » September » 30 » NEW Potential Stats! (false)
8:31 PM
NEW Potential Stats! (false)
Hey guys, so as I was playing Maplestory post the Ascension update, I noticed that there was a new line of potential stats! Before Ascension, the max stat a line could get was 9%. Now, I've seen 12% and 14% stats on a single line! It seems that level 100+ items can obtain these high stats. Here are a few pictures to prove what i'm saying:
Also, There is a glitch with the cubes at the moment. If you regular cube a 3 lined item, it has a chance to go back to 2 lines. Also, if you cube a 2 lined item, it can go to 3 lines. So be careful!

UPDATE: The potential stats are appeared to be 12% & 14% but are really +14 and/or +12 of the stat! Nexon made a typo and it only appears as a percentage (%) of that stat. Be careful not to spend all your mesos on these items because they are FALSE. I bet if enough people get scammed by this, since it's nexon's fault, there's might potentially be a rollback D= 
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