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Main » 2011 » November » 25 » Maplestory KMS Union Update!
10:13 PM
Maplestory KMS Union Update!
Oh my goodness! Can it be!? The Update that we've all been waiting for; the update that will change the thieves and pirate classes! I personally am going to love this update in particular because I have a 16x Nightlord and a 13x Buccaneer!
I can't stress on how excited I am for this update to arrive at GMS! I know it's 6+ months away from now but .. I'm just glad they haven't forgotten about the thief/pirate classes. I guess they saved the best for last right?
This video was taken from Spadow's youtube channel. I hope you enjoy and what do YOU think about the updates regarding the Shadower class?!

Known Shadower Updates:
- Karma: 20 attk Buff that lasts 180 seconds
- Assassination: Now has a 5 second CD (cooldown) and each time you assassinate a monster your character will gain 1 assassinate point (the orbs). The more assassination points you have, the more damage certain skills will do.
- Boomerang step renewed
- Sudden Raid skill added
and much much more!

Known Nightlord Updates:
- Quad throw at 4th job skill added
- Sudden raid skill added
- Physical Training skill added
- Shuriken burst skill added
- Wind tallith skill added
- Spirit Claw skill added
- Shade split skill added
- Fatal venom skill added
- Claw expert skill added
- Dark serenity skill added
- Fuzzy spot skill added
- Nimble body, Dark sight, Lucky 7, and Haste are all 1st job skills and have all gotten buffed.
- Flash jump moved to 2nd job
- Triple throw, Shadow resistance, Venomous star, and Expert throwing star handling were all moved to 3rd job.
- Alchemist, Avenger, Meso up, Drain, Ninja ambush, Ninja storm, Shadow meso, Keen eyes, Disorder, and Shadow claw were  ALL removed.

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