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Main » 2013 » January » 10 » From Me, To Nexon: A Nightlord Story
1:56 AM
From Me, To Nexon: A Nightlord Story
Dear Nexon,

Are all of you that work in the thief department crackheads? Because I just can't seem to come up with any reason for some of your changes regarding thieves but more specifically the Night Lord class... Okay well let's just take a look at what I feel everyday from playing my Level 200 Nightlord of 2 years+. Keep in mind that this is all coming from a very well funded Nightlord, I have 100% boss, 90% PDR, a ton of total w.att, and 125% Luk.

First off I wanna complain about the recharging stars glitch. I've posted on the Nexon forums twice about this and even after getting a reply from a GM there still has yet to be any change regarding this issue. I posted the first time about 5 months ago, and again about 1 month ago but even before that this glitch has persisted for many months already. I'm level 200, I stay in places like Leafre! Why? Because that's where chaos horntail, reg HT, Pink Bean, and empress are... All the good big major bosses... And all I throw are crystal illbies and Balanced Furys! So why in the world is Leafre of all places glitched and can't recharge the only 2 types of stars I use? Why must I travel 20 minutes or 100k mesos to travel to a place where I can recharge my stars and back to leafre? Just because i'm somewhat wealthy doesn't mean I want to spend on unnecessary things! I shouldn't have to, or anyone for that fact shouldn't have to do this. Stop being so dam Lazy, yea I said Lazy, and fix this darn problem. I don't care how many other things you have to do everyday to keep maple up and running, it's your job to do those things anyway! But it's also your job to acknowledge your consumers' concerns and to tend to them if necessary; and this [b]is[/b] necessary.

Secondly, is something that happened long ago. Our [b]Drain[/b] skill. Yea okay Nexon, take our drain skill away sure no problem. But see what I don't get is, why in the world do dual bladers have a drain skill when you already gave them infinite avoid rate? How does this make sense? In what way shape or form does this make any sense at all? Why would you give them 90%+ avoid rate AND a PASSIVE DRAIN skill when you took away us NL's drain skill? Do you know how hard it is to survive at empress because of this for Nightlords? I have over 3.1k total Luk and I still die there quickly with 23k hp. But you know what Nexon? I forgive you, that's fine sure no big deal because i'll just man up and go get the Cygnus Vampire skill. Oh wait I just remembered, it's impossible because you guys made it way too stupid. Don't even say squat about "oh stop qqing just man up and do it", I've literally spent 10 hours hunting there, 4 hrs on 4x drop rate, 6hrs on 1.2x drop and guess what guys? I got 0, that's right, 0/20 of the required drop. I'm forced to believe that it too is glitched like recharging stars. So nexon, I know you guys got a lot going on, but what the hell... Sometimes you need to stop and really think about some things, like seriously how do you expect us to obtain 20 drops of something that has a (0.0000000000000000000000000001) drop rate? Oh but not db's ofc because their dodge is so op that most of them probably aren't even aware that they have a passive drain! How would they know if they don't even know what it feels like to get hit and actually lose hp? The only damage they take is when they fall from a high height... Or they probably even avoid that too. No db's i'm not hating on you, but any true db should be able to admit that their avoid is way op.

Next up we got Nightlord's skills. First off if you've read this far thanks a lot, I really do appreciate it. Don't get me wrong fellow NL and Basilers, us NL have come a long way and are in fact I'd say better now but we still are left with too many flaws in our design; one being our skill set. I just wanna thank you nexon for eventually and finally revamping us NL and although i know (or at least hope) your intentions are in the right place, the work you did has not gone in the right direction pursay. Answer this Nexon, I want a straight up and valid reason why we still have the skill Taunt. Guys, if you want us to keep the skill taunt at the very very very utterly most LEAST what you can do is NOT make it take more than 5 seconds to cast that pathetic skill. Literally, it takes well over 3 seconds to cast the skill and it only does one hit that's weak damage. I've used it for 2hrs while trying to hunt the etc drop for the Vampire skill and it failed to show me any results. Not to mention this already pathetic skill does NOT work on bosses :D So goodjob there. Also, why in the world did you take out avenger? Yea, the skill sucked more than you can imagine but why take it out? It was a cool skill and concept, it was original. Instead of giving us some weird (but cool) flaming star for second job, why not just buff avenger in all the ways possible and make it our 4th job mobbing skill? A third skill i'd like to complain about is our Hyper Skill buff coming. Unless I'm misinterpreting what the description is saying, then basically that pathetic skill is simply a more stronger venom for 30 seconds.... really? That's it? How pathetic is that? Seriously why do we want a 3rd venom skill like who are you kidding!? Hypers are supposed to be like a 5th job... That skill is just a major let down. What you could've done instead was make it give us 20% drain for the duration or something, just to make it useful in SOME way.

Finally, our flash jump/shadow partner. We, Nightlords, are the original keepers of Flash jump and Shadow Partner, so why is it that ours has been forgotten? I have 15 4th job classes and what I realized is that the Nightlord's flash jump is the worst of them all (warriors not included). DB's, there fj is better, animation too same for their SP. Phantoms, their FJ is insane along with jett, kaiser, angelic buster, and any other class that has flash jump. We also have the ugliest animation for shadow partner, even Nightwalkers' SP looks better. Thanks a lot...

As you guys can probably tell, I can literally go all day about Nightlord's and our flaws. No i'm not saying that I hate the class or that I despise it, because after all I do play and main a Nightlord, but what I AM saying is that we need a ton of work. And don't get me wrong, I know we aren't the WORST class out there, and I feel sorry for a lot of you other classes like Dark Knights. I just wanna share my thoughts on my main class and hopefully a lot of people read this and eventually nexon (although I'm aware of the odds of that happening). But guys, if you've read this far, then thank you. Please let me know in the comments and please feel free to share your own thoughts on the topic or even give a link to your rant about YOUR main class! Til' next time ~

** Please don't compare to new classes, new classes are always OP when they come out. The other classes either catch up over time due to revamps and such OR the op new classes get nerfed. Whichever happens is for nexon to decide but in the end, one or both come true. **
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